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This page is for all my delectably, delicious Tamsinz, of which there are 15 currently residing at Infinity. Confused as to what a Tamsin is? You can find the basic standards, variations, & registration for the breed at Starswept. Ok, Ok, so I got hooked on the selective breed that has become 'all the craze' lately.. not on purpose, trust you me. I have never been fond of mixed breedz & have nearly always owned & bred purebreds only.. then, a pup was born.. how did that happen?! I'm not entirely sure, but I'm glad it did. Oblivion was that pup & my newly discovered obsession with Tamsins began. These dogz are not for adoption or trade, they are mine & mine only. However, if you happen to spot two dogz (that are of the opposite gender) & would practically keel over to get your paws.. hands, excuse me.. on one of their pups, don't hesitate to e-mail me after checking out our Breeding Services page.

Infinity's Where I End and You Begin
36 Show Pts.
Male Tamsin
31st Gen.

Bred here [ Onna x Peanut ]

Details: Dali & Mutt mixie. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful pup! I could just eat him up.. or not.. but you get what I mean.. I'm in love with this pup. His coat & black eyes are completely natural. No files were used. He was actually an accident, but one that I'm sooo very glad happened.

*not available for breeding*
Infinity's A Movie Script Ending
16 Show Pts.
Female Tamsin
28th Gen.

Adopted from the AAC via Pinto

Details: I couldn't believe this purtiful was up on the AAC! When I saw her, I snatched her up good & fast! I knew Oblivion would fall for her & that they'd have the most precious pups. Oh yes, I was right.
Infinity's Like Stars Across the Moon
4 Show Pts.
Male Tamsin
30th Gen.

Bred here [ Butter x Ledger ]

Details: Purty little boy here. Some people might not like his coloring, but I find it quite becoming. He's got good lines with lots of color variation.
Infinity's Pressed for Time
0 Show Pts.
Male Tamsin
16th Gen.

Adopted from the AAC via Bri
Infinity's Firefly Dance
9 Show Pts.
Female Tamsin
32nd Gen.

Bred here [ Sweetums x Oblivion ]

Details: Dali, Dane, Mutt mixie. Adorable little girl with lovely colors & good lines.
Infinity's Champagne Bath
0 Show Pts.
Female Tamsin
24th Gen.

Adopted from Filipa @ Kanashimi

Details: Chi, Dali, Dane, Mutt, Scottie, Sheepie mixie.
BORK/Infinity's Pitter Patter Goes My Heart
10 Show Pts.
Male Tamsin
53rd Gen.

Adopted from Lena @ Box Of Rain

Details: Dali & Mutt mixie. Mmm I'm in love! This pretty boy was bred by Lena using a hexed Breeding File. I adore his coloring & can only hope that he'll breed pups as precious as himself.. though I'm not sure that's entirely possible. Thank you so much Lena!

*not available for breeding*
Infinity's Me Against the World
13 Show Pts.
Male Tamsin
33rdnd Gen.

Bred here [ Astoria x Shooter ]

Details: Dali, Dane, Mutt mixie.
NEO/Infinity's Write the Wrong
7 Show Pts.
Female Tamsin
46th Gen.

Adopted from the AAC via Kassie @ Neo

Details: This pretty little lady has produced pups with lots of variation.. poodle textured fur, sheepie markings, spottless, etc.
CGN/Infinity's No Poetic Device
0 Show Pts.
Male Tamsin
43rd Gen.

Adopted from the AAC via Karli @ Chingonettis

Details: He's a mix of Dali, Dane, Mutt, Poodle, Scottie, & Sheepie. I'm positive he'll produce some purttiful pups.

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